Friday, January 2, 2015

Week One- The Best Yes! Introduction

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello fellow book readers! I am so excited to start this book with you! I was in Barnes and Noble today and found The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst for HALF OFF!  Even though I already have my velvety smooth book, that was very exciting for me. I also found the participants guide but decided to not go with it since we cannot do the DVD together. So here is how this works!

Every weekend, I will share with you a post on what I learned from the book. You can then share in the comments what you learned. Just note, any comment left or conversation started that is not positive or God-honoring, will be deleted.

The reason why I chose this book first definitely relates to to my last year. I was saying yes all of the time. Never no. I made a lot of really bad choices when it came to my schedule and even at times the sanity of my family. Ultimately, I let a lot of people down. My heart was in the right place and I feel as women, we often times do have the best of intentions. When I read a quote by Lysa in her book, about living with an underwhelmed soul, I knew this was me. I was bending over backwards, cramming my schedule, becoming ever so grumpy, and living ever so unbiblical  in my stressed out moments that I grabbed this book early. After it came, I didn't even make it in the door. I sat out on our front step and read the first three chapters before the mosquitoes began to make a meal of me. After finishing this book, I knew this was a key book to start us off this 2015.

So, for week one, we are going to jump in a little heavy and I am going to push for chapter 1, 2, and 3. This seems like a LOT but is seriously only 32 pages. A very fast read. I would encourage you to grab a journal and jot down some ways this book has challenged your "ah-ha!" moments as well as some great discussion topics. Also, as we move along, let us seriously consider writing down your prayers as you journal. It is always great to go back and look to see how God has grown us!

Ready? Set? GO!

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