Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Break Free of Mom Syndrome!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Okay, hear me out.

We moms love our yoga pants and our hoodies. They are so comfortable! We get a lot done in them, they are usually black and hide baby messes, they pull us in and cover us up, but lets get honest here, sometimes, after wearing yoga pants and hoodies for a week straight, it can really drag you down.

It becomes hard to feel pretty or to feel "done up," like we used to be able to do. And ladies, don't you think our husband would like to see us care about ourselves too?

Here are some stylish, simple, fast, and really affordable options to feel more dignified in public or if someone pops in for a "surprise" visit.

1) The belt.

This is a must have in every closet. Belts are great to add to a jean, to shorts, or over top an outfit. I love how a belt can really make you feel like your style is firm, complete, and thought out. It's also a functional tool to aid in keeping your backside crack free bending over to pick up all those toys, again.

2) The scarf.
Not only can you twist a scarf in 40 different ways, you can buy it in any color, of any length, with any pattern and usually on a great sale. They are a great way to appear that you put in a ton of effort, effortlessly. You can throw them over a plain colored shirt in so many combos that you will really feel like you have a new outfit almost every time. They can make a statement or they can be an accent. Play with them!

3) The maxi skirt.

I love it in black. They are comfortable like a yoga pant, but my daughters always greet me with a gasp and a comment consisting of the word "princess" or "beautiful." They are also really modest. Solid colors are great because you can throw on a t-shrt and a fancy belt. In the fall you can add a long sleeve, scarf, and/or a jean jacket.  They can be worn with any shoe and are a must have in any closet!

4) Makeup must haves!

ELIMINATE the pile of chaos and old makeup you don't use. We have precious moments if we are lucky and don't have the luxury of wondering what we should use or digging for what we want. Here are my tips to a five minute makeup routine.

First, BB cream (I reach for Aveeno). BB cream covers like a foundation, has great benefits, and has SUNSCREEN! How often do you forget that! Go right onto a quick brush of a soft, crisp blush. Next, a plain shimmery eye shadow. One color, over the lid. A liner in the corner, and finish off with some mascara.

It shows you put in the effort, but it doesn't soak up your time. If you want to look air brushed, you can, but save it for the date nights!

Lastly, don't forget your lip gloss. Chap stick is great, but a great lip gloss makes you feel pretty. I love any sheer nude/natural color by Clinique. It's not sticky and it won't cake up or stick to your teeth.

5) Perfume.

Anything by Clinique in the Happy line. The scent is crisp, confident, warm, and welcoming all at the same time.  It gives you that boost of something other than baby food and the chance that you cannot remember if you have taken a shower today feeling.

6) Toe nail polish.
It's fast, it's cute, and comes in a billion colors. Need I say more? Do them when your kiddos go to bed! If you have the extra time at that point, add some nail art.

7) A plain colored shirt, or ten.
I love that you can put them over any tank, under any button up, dress them up dress them down. And you can get them on clearance. Win.
8) Jewelry.
They make necklaces now, with safe beads, that your kids can chew on. Seriously, you can even make your own.  They are stylish and completely safe for your teething babes. If your kids are older, a simple necklace and a simple bracelet can really make any woman feel like a million bucks.
9) Hair.
Oh, moms, we love our pony tails as much as we love our alone time. But there are fast and easy ways to make your hair absolutely fabulous, really fast. Here are a few tutorials, search for more. Even a few curls in our pony tail can help immensely!
10) Brush your teeth, and then floss.
Seriously, this will take literally two minutes. This is healthy and really can perk you up. If you don't have an electric toothbrush, invest. So worth every penny.
These ten easy things can help set your mood for the day. Moms, we matter, what we do matters, and a little extra quick time can help us start off on a strong foot. You can do all of these things while your coffee brews.
Above all else, remember this:
Proverbs 31:30
"Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised."

And that is most important.


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