Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Swimsuit Season Is Here

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We need to teach girls that modesty isn't about covering up our bodies because they're bad. Modesty isn't about hiding ourselves; it's about revealing our dignity. We were made beautiful, in (God's) image and likeness, so the question I'd like to leave you with is, 'How will you use your beauty?'”
Jessica Rey
Swimsuit season has arrived. Terrifying! I took my oldest who is five to Target to get a new suit. Even at her age, it was an instant battle.  By battle, I mean, she heard a whole lot of, "I'm sorry, but no honey, you are not getting that suit." She is a little too young for me to really get into a debate with. I finally made the best choice in saying, "Here are five that I will say yes to, pick one."
I want my daughters to be able to have a say in what they wear, but there comes a line that I believe as a Christian, we cannot cross. Our culture pushes sexuality in every outfit and every swimsuit, and in every advertisement. I don't want that to be a pressure for my girls. Summer is scary for me because swimsuits and clothes cover less and less every year. I will be doing a blog series in the future on modesty so I will not go into depth here.
Today I wanted to offer some options to women that are fashionable, fun, feminine, and above all else, modest!
I hope you enjoy these options. The price is higher, but for me, modesty is priceless!
Check out Jessica Rey's presentation of her swimsuit battle here:
You can find her swimsuit line here and I would encourage everyone to support her efforts! (She is even making a line for kids!)


Here is another great option to build your own suit! Hope you enjoy it!
The best way to be an example to our girls is to lead them in following our own suggestions. If you don't want your kids to wear it, maybe we shouldn't wear it either.



Kaitlynn Howlett said...

We haven't tried shopping yet this year for a suit but my 9Yr old and I have already had conversations.

Kathleen Hansen said...

How can I send this blog to invite others?

Kirsten Kay said...

Thanks for asking! Right now only the link works but we are working out some kinks with getting a pretty link vrs one that looks like spam. :)

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